Coopertive maps are maps that are for the multiplayer.

Unlike deathmatch maps,there are teams that have to eliminated each other.

Here are examples of Co-Op maps:

Max teabag-arena


And here are tips on co-op maps:

Dont shoot a dying ally,they will count as a "team-kill".If you get Three of these,you will be kicked out of the game.

Dismember enemies,they will be un-healable.

Allies can not be killed while they are NOT dying.

It is very likely that an enemy will dismember you.

Vehicles and barrels will not appear on here,do not make them on ANYmulti-player map,use doors as vehicles,such as trains.

Use defibrillators,which are located on the sixth slot,use the "defibs" to heal allies,but it is useless to heal allies who are dismembered,although it is amusing to heal an ally that does not have any arms/legs.

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