Wall Tool - Create walls and platforms. The map size will affect the time needed for loading." -Level Editor ManualEdit

It is almost impossible to make a map without walls. Making walls is straight forward so they aren't much of a problem

Wall TypesEdit

There are five types of walls. 0 = Concrete, 1 = Grass, 2 = Sand, 3 = Brown Concrete, 4=Wall Looking like a Door

Where to use:Edit

Regular concrete is used mostly. Grass is obviously used outside and sand is used at desert or beach maps. Brown concrete was used in the Usurpation campaign maps but it has other uses in custom maps. Walls should overlap a lot or else they make maps look unprofessional.

Material: 4Edit

Only some players know that you can use a wall... and make it look like a door

This will make it look like a door but...The Blue Squares found in the corners of any wall type will still be there even if the wall looks like a door


The wall types